Monday, March 2, 2009

"The Story of Stuff"

Recently there was some commotion in Montana regarding a teacher showing a video in her classroom. The video she showed was "The Story of Stuff." You can locate this film on youtube, or you can Google it and go to their website.
After viewing the video, I can say that it definitely has a strong environmental leaning to it. While I don't particularly agree with the point of the video, I did find it entertaining. I enjoy this movie at the same level as any of Michael More's movies, where it is entertaining, but completely devoid of facts.
I can't say that I would have a problem with a child of mine watching this video in high school. However, I would definitely enjoy talking about many of the subjects presented in the video. While I don't really think it would be the best idea to go over all the topics here, there are some things I think would be good to address.
The first thing I found interesting was the complete lack of data sources. This becomes particularly interesting when she talks about the fact that we have "consumed" 30% of the worlds resources. The lack of a data source is not surprising, given there is absolutely no way of knowing how many resources on Earth. Also, what does it mean to consume a resource?
This is just one of the many problems with the movie, but I think that it could be beneficial for a child of mine to watch the movie, simply because it develops the critical thinking skills of people. It seems to me that is very important for high school students to learn.

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